9 Best Ball Python Breeders on the Market (Our Top Picks)

Looking to buy a ball python? You are not alone. The ball python (Python regius) may be the most popular snake species among pet owners. They are also the most commonly bred reptiles.

The smallest of Africa’s pythons, ball pythons attain a length of 4-5 feet. They get their name from their defensive technique. When threatened, the ball python will coil into a tight ball, keeping its head in the middle of it. Ball pythons are long-lived in captivity, with some living 60 years or more.

Ball Python Breeders

Captive ball pythons are frequently bred for specific colors and patterns. These genetically designed snakes are known as morphs, and there are 6,500 different varieties. The more common morphs are albino, pastel, lesser, Mojave, and axanthic.

The practice of cross-breeding animals has its critics who believe it can result in physical or cognitive defects. For example, spider morph is said to experience neurological complications, as demonstrated by difficulty maintaining their balance when climbing.

This article will cover the benefits of going with a breeder, provide a profile of some of the top breeders of ball pythons, and conclude with some useful suggestions on picking a reputable breeder.

The more prepared you are before purchasing your ball python, the more enjoyable your experience with them will be.

Why We Recommend Captive Bred Ball Pythons

Although ball pythons are the most commonly bred reptiles, the catching of wild ball pythons continues. Tens of thousands of these snakes are exported from West Africa annually. In fact, they are Africa’s most legally traded live animal species, according to CITES. CITES is an international treaty that works to protect threatened and endangered species.

There is a disagreement among experts regarding the status of the wild population. Though the ball python remains widely distributed in Africa, the continued rate at which these snakes are exported is concerning for conservationists. However, they are split on what to do about it. Some believe that the exportation of these reptiles should be better regulated. Others believe that the export of wild specimens can continue if augmented with more oversight and captive breeding populations.

There are further concerns regarding wild-caught specimens. Many of these snakes die during transit, and they are vulnerable to being infested with parasites. Further, wild-caught snakes have been known to refuse food in captivity. Wild-caught specimens tend to be cheaper than captive-bred specimens. However, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you will be getting a healthy and well-adjusted ball python by going through a reputable breeder. Plus, you will be doing your part to help save the wild population.

Choosing a Ball Python Breeder

Many ball python breeders start off as hobbyists before they become a business. Needless to say, many of these businesses do not last long. Even at the hobbyist level, breeders’ sustainability to offer ball pythons for sale is often short-term due to personal challenges or loss of interest. It is for this reason that this article was written. We have searched online for breeders who have a solid history of breeding ball pythons, offer husbandry information, and provide customer support and protection. The following criteria were used when evaluating breeders:

Breeder profile and credibility:

This information includes things like:

  • How long the breeder has been established.
  • Any special credentials or accomplishments
  • Knowledge about ball pythons as demonstrated by the information provided by the site.

Consumer support and protection:

This information includes things like:

  • Guarantees
  • Support services to the customer
  • Offering details of how the animal is shipped.

Going the Extra Mile

This includes any information or services that make the breeder stand out.

XYZ Reptiles

xyz reptiles

Located in Palmetto Bay, Florida, XYZ Reptiles has proven itself to an enduring breeder of ball pythons and other reptiles. Their knowledge of genetic and attention to detail has created legions of satisfied customers who have enjoyed a great reptile purchasing experience.

Breeder profile and credibility:

  • Over 35 years of accumulated knowledge in herpetology and marketing.

Consumer support and protection:

  • Offer a 100% live arrival guarantee via Fed EX Overnight Priority. See website for details.
  • Guaranteed sexing of the animal.
  • Does not ship outside of the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.
  • Reptiles are shipped on Tuesday and Wednesday only. You will receive a tracking number via email on the day that your order is shipped.
  • No return policy; live animal sales are final.
  • The website has comprehensive care sheets.
  • A well-stocked online library offers an abundant amount of content on ball pythons and other reptiles.
  • The online store offers a wide range of supplies and accessories for your ball python, including lighting, food, supplements, and accessories.
  • Payment plans are available.

Going the extra mile

  • Their website is a treasure chest of information.

CB Reptiles.com

cb reptiles

Family-owned CB Reptiles prides itself as the source of high-quality captive bred reptiles for sale online. They are known for their selection of ball pythons and morphs.

Breeder profile and credibility:

  • Onsite biologist
  • 100% of reptiles sold are captive bred.

Consumer support and protection:

  • Their site offers a wide range of supplies for your ball python and other reptiles, including lighting, misting systems, terrariums, terrarium supplies, and much more.
  • Comprehensive care sheets ball pythons and other reptiles.
  • When shipped, ball pythons will arrive the following morning.
  • Ball pythons come with a live on arrival guarantee and a full 7-day health guarantee. If your ball python dies within 7 days, CB Reptile.com will replace your snake if you follow the site’s instructions.
  • Animals are sent via FedEx or UPS and arrive the next morning after shipment.
  • Shipped ball pythons are sent around 7 p.m. and arrive the next morning between 8-10 a.m.
  • Ball pythons are sent in cooled or heated containers.

Going the extra mile

  • CB Reptiles.com has an onsite staff biologist who oversees their breeding programs.
  • A ridiculous number of ball python care sheets that span a wide range of topics and morphs. It is worthy of hiring a librarian to maintain it
  • They only breed ball python morphs that are of the highest quality. They go by the philosophy that anything less than a top-quality morph should not be bred.

BHB Reptiles

bhb reptiles

BHB’s Reptiles’ slogan is “Covering the Spectrum.” Owner Brian Barczyk states the slogan reflects how they build their private collection. They have cared for a wide variety of snakes, including pythons, boas, colubrids, and other reptile species. Their facility has one of the most diverse ball python collections. The diversity of their collections allows them to offer very competitive prices.

Breeder profile and credibility:

  • BHB Reptiles has been in business since 1989.

Consumer support and protection:

  • BHB Reptiles has the most comprehensive care sheets for ball pythons that I have ever seen.
  • Call BHB Reptiles for any ordering questions that you may have or any concerns about the order you received.
  • I had difficulty finding ordering and shipping information. The reason why is that they have this information under the section F&Qs. Here is some information regarding this:
    • When placing an order, you can use the shopping cart, call them directly, or send an email.
    • BHB Reptile will not ship out your order until they have contacted you to verify your shipping information.
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed if you call within 48 hours of receiving your order.
    • Posted prices are based on the market value at the time of the posting. If you can find a lower price, BHB Reptiles encourages you to call them. They are willing to discuss this with you.
    • Payment plans are available.
  • Due to the high increases in FedEx shipments’ volume, BHB Reptiles announced that they will not ship animals until they feel that it is safe to do so. This new policy began in January 2021.

Going the extra mile

BHB Reptile’s website offers a complete inventory of ball pythons and other reptiles. With one click, you can find out how many of a particular morph or species are available, their gender, when they were hatched, and what they are currently feeding on. If you call BHB Reptiles, they will send you additional photographs of the animal you are interested in. If you cannot find the animal you are looking for, they encourage you to call them.

Morph Market

morph market

Morph Market is not a breeder; it is an online marketplace for the selling and purchasing of designer reptiles. We have included Morph Market because it is an invaluable resource to find a breeder. Morph Market has locations in the United States, Europe, and South Africa, which allows you to minimize your shipping costs.

Breeder profile and credibility:

  • Not available

Consumer support and protection:

  • Their site is optimized for all devices.
  • Precise search matches for each species or morph.
  • Search engines can handle many phrasings of morph names.
  • Search engines can handle morph or gene names.
  • You can filter by price, sex, and gene name. They are working on expanding their search parameters to include filtering by the number of genes.
  • Seller homepage and inventory management.
  • Built-in rating system for transactions.

Going the extra mile

Their website resources are amazing. You can learn everything from best practices for selling and buying to a genetic section equipped with a genetics calculator.

Witbank’s Captive Reptiles

wilbanks reptiles

Witbank’s Captive Reptile specialized in designer ball python morphs. They are located in Purdue, Oklahoma.

Breeder profile and credibility:

  • Witbank’s Captive Reptiles has been breeding ball pythons since 1983.
  • All animals are captive bred at Witbank’s Captive Reptiles.

Consumer support and protection:

  • Focus on customer service.
  • Offers payment plans for purchases over $350 or more. See website for details.
  • You can reserve an animal by leaving a 20% deposit. See website for details.
  • Special price for multiple purchases of ball pythons, and you can negotiate your price. See website for details.
  • Animals are shipped FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping.
  • Live animals are shipped only Monday-Thursday.
  • When ordering your animal, you can request your desired delivery date, though it is not guaranteed.
  • Animals are tame and friendly as they are captive bred. Suppose your animal has issues with temperament, or they are not feeding properly. In that case, Witbank’s Captive Reptiles will exchange your pet for another one.

Going the extra mile

  • Witbank’s strives to please their customer and urge you to call them with any questions or concerns that you may have. They will accommodate most return requests.

New England Reptile Distributors

nerd reptiles

When it comes to captive-bred, hand-reared reptiles, NERD has the largest collection in the Northeast. They specialize in ball pythons, reticulated pythons, boas, colubrids, skinks, monitors, and tegus.

Breeder profile and credibility:

  • Over 25 years of experience breeding reptiles.

Consumer support and protection:

  • Comprehensive care sheets for ball pythons and other reptiles.
  • Payment plans for orders over $500.00. For orders less than $5,000, 30-day payment plans are available, while 60-day plans are available for orders over $5,000. Payment plans require a 50% deposit that is non-refundable.
  • Animals that are shipped will be held at the FedEx Hub closest to the animal’s final destination.
  • Animals are shipped Monday through Wednesday via FedEx Priority Overnight.
  • You will be provided with a tracking number so that you can monitor your shipment.
  • Only alive on arrival guarantee is provided.

Going the extra mile

  • Provides educational outreach programs and tours.

Royal Constrictor Design

Royal Constrictor Design

Located in Wisconsin, Royal Constrictor Design produces top-quality reptiles. They focus on ball python morphs but also have super dwarf reticulated pythons.

Breeder profile and credibility:

  • Royal Constrictor Design has been in business since 2003
  • Owner Garrick DeMeyer has kept reptiles since he was a kid and has worked in the reptile industry for most of his adult life. He has a degree in biology.

Consumer support and protection:

  • Royal Constrictor Design offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Going the extra mile

  • Royal Constrictor Design will consult with you to ensure that the animal you select is the best option.

JD Constriction

jd constriction

Located in Cedar, Iowa, JD Constriction specializes in breeding ball pythons. Their focus is on the Axanthic gene.

Breeder profile and credibility:

  • Owner John Dague has been working with ball pythons since 2003.
  • JD Constriction has been serving its customers since 2008.

Consumer support and protection:

  • JD Constriction’s live arrival and health guarantee ensure that all animals shipped will be in good condition and accurately sexed.
  • To qualify for their live arrival and health guarantee, JD Constriction ships to the nearest FedEx World Service Center hub.

Going the extra mile

  • All animals sold by JD Constriction have their own unique ID number, which will appear on your receipt. The ID number allows JD Constriction to use their database to provide you with information regarding the date born, the clutch, and your animal’s genetic information. The ID also guarantees the genetic history of your pet.

Dynasty Reptiles

dynasty reptiles

The owner of Dynasty Reptiles has had a lifelong passion for reptiles. He was a successful breeder before making it a business. He went on to open a reptile shop and then later, with a partner, started ASF Reptiles. ASF reptiles started in 2002; its focus was on breeding ball pythons. It became so successful that the owner bought out his partner a few years later. The owner then changed the business name to Dynasty Reptiles, a name he thought of when he was just a kid.

Breeder profile and credibility:

The above introduction to Dynasty Reptiles speaks to this.

Consumer support and protection:

  • Care sheets are provided online.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed if Dynasty Reptiles is contacted within 24 hours of receiving your order.
  • All animals are shipped FedEx Next Day Delivery.
  • Payment plans are available for orders over $500.

Going the extra mile:

  • Dynasty Reptiles has a newsletter. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you will be the first to be notified of any specials or sales.

Now Your Work Begins!

The information you have just read was intended to kick start to get you going with your own research. You must do your own research. This article cannot cover all breeders, nor does it address your own specific wants or needs. The following are guidelines for selecting a reputable breeder:

Read testimonials and reviews

Read testimonials and reviews from other customers. It is important to consider that some testimonials and reviews may be fabricated or written by paid writers. Also, every review site will have comments from those who can never be made happy. For this reason, read a range of testimonials and reviews and get an overall feeling of what is written.

Besides breeder websites, also check out Facebook and sites like Morph Market. Also, try googling the owner’s name, business name, phone number, and email address. You may find important information about the breeder as to whether they are reputable or not.

Owner’s Personality

You can tell a lot about a person by how they communicate. Is the owner of the breeding facility there to do good, or are they just to make money? If you want to check out a private breeder, reach out to them. You can contact them through social media, email, text, or phone and see what happens. Most reputable breeders will get back to you within 24 hours. When you ask your questions, see how they respond. Do they seem sincere and provide satisfactory answers to your question, or do they give you a rushed answer? Reputable breeders will be friendly and take their time to answer your questions concisely and thoroughly.

Quality of Husbandry

Ask the breeder how they care for their animals. You may ask them if you can see photos of their enclosures or facility. Some reputable breeders may decline to do so, but how they respond may provide you with useful information.

Additionally, many breeders provide care sheets on their websites. Compare the care sheets of the breeder with those of other breeders. This will give you an idea if they are following best practices. Suppose the breeder makes claims that do not match up with other breeders or omit important information. In that case, that may be a reason for concern.


Another criterion to evaluate a breeder is their level of experience. The more experienced the breeder, the more likely it that your ball python will be healthy and well adjusted. When checking the breeder website, look for the breeder’s background. One good place to look for this information is the About Us Page.


The ball python can be a fantastic reptile pet for anyone who has had at least some experience in keeping reptiles. They have a great temperament, easy to house, and are very attractive snakes. Plus, they are of a manageable size and pose no threat to humans. As with any animal, it is important that you first do your homework. To acquire any animal without knowing its needs or providing those needs is unfair to the animal and will only create disappointments for you.

Start off by taking time to research the husbandry requirements for ball pythons. Next, make sure that your enclosure is all set up and ready for them. When your enclosure is ready, do your research to locate a reputable breeder. Do your homework. It pays to take your time in selecting a breeder. You, as the consumer, have the upper hand as there is a lot of competition between breeders, and you have a wide range of breeders to select from. It may take time, but it will be worth it. You will set yourself up for a rewarding experience keeping this great snake species!