7 Best Leopard Gecko Breeders (Our Top Picks)

It would be difficult to find a better reptile pet than the leopard gecko, especially for beginner reptile keepers. Leopard geckos are found in Pakistan, Afghanistan, parts of India, and Iran. They do well in captivity, and their husbandry requirements are simple.

Further, they can live up to 20 years in captivity. Leopard geckos have great personalities, and they can be striking in appearance. The cross-breeding of leopard geckos has resulted in a wide variety of colors and skin patterns.

Best Leopard Gecko Breeders

This article will cover the benefits of going with a breeder, provide a profile of some of the top breeders of leopard geckos, and conclude with some useful suggestions on picking a reputable breeder.

The more prepared you are before purchasing your leopard gecko, the more enjoyable your experience with them will be.

Why Getting Your Leopard Gecko from a Breeder Is Better

Because of convenience, it may be tempting to obtain your leopard gecko from a pet store. However, history shows that getting your leopard gecko, or any other reptile, from a reputable breeder is your best option.

Captive-bred leopard geckos are more likely to be healthy than wild-caught specimens. Wild-caught reptiles undergo a great deal of stress during capture and shipping.

Additionally, they are crowded together when they are shipped. The result is that they are more likely to be exposed to parasites, diseases or become injured. Captive-bred leopard geckos are used to be handled, are more likely to have received the proper husbandry care, and do not experience crowded conditions when shipped to the customer.

Another important reason to get your leopard gecko from a breeder is that you will know your pet’s genetic history. If you plan to breed your gecko, this information is precious.

Wildlife is increasingly experiencing the pressure brought about by human activity, including the harvesting of species for the pet trade. By purchasing your leopard gecko from a breeder, you will reduce the demand for wild-caught animals.

Lastly, if you ever have questions about your leopard gecko, the breeder you buy it from will know your animal’s history. He or she can provide you with important information, which a pet store would not be able to do.

Choosing a Leopard Gecko Breeder

Many leopard gecko breeders start off as hobbyists before they become a business. Needless to say, many of these businesses do not last long due to personal challenges or loss of interest. It is for this reason that this article was written. We have searched online for breeders who have a solid history of breeding leopard geckos, offer husbandry information, and provide customer support and protection. The following criteria were used when evaluating breeders:

Breeder profile and credibility :

This information includes things like:

  • How long the breeder has been established.
  • Any special credentials or accomplishments
  • Knowledge of leopard geckos as demonstrated by the information provided by the site.

Consumer support and protection:

This information includes things like:

  • Guarantees
  • Support services to the customer
  • Offering details of how the animal is shipped.

Going the Extra Mile:

This includes any information or services that make the breeder stand out.

CB Reptiles.com

Family-owned CB Reptiles prides itself as the source of high-quality captive bred reptiles for sale online. One of their specialties is leopard gecko morphs. Their designer leopard gecko morphs range from firewater leopard geckos to super tangelo leopard geckos. Whatever leopard gecko you decide on, you can count on your leopard gecko of top-quality genetics and great temperament.

Breeder profile and credibility:

  • Onsite biologist
  • 100% of reptiles sold are captive bred.

Consumer support and protection:

  • Their site offers a wide range of supplies for your leopard gecko and other reptiles, including lighting, misting systems, terrariums, terrarium supplies, and much more.
  • Comprehensive care sheets leopard geckos and other reptiles.
  • When shipped, your pet will arrive the following morning.
  • All animals come with a live on arrival guarantee and a full 7-day health guarantee. If your animal dies within 7 days, CB Reptile.com will replace your animal if you follow the site’s instructions.
  • Animals are sent via FedEx or UPS and arrive the next morning after shipment.
  • Shipped animals are sent around 7 p.m. and arrive the next morning between 8-10 a.m.
  • Animals are sent in cooled or heated containers.

Going the extra mile:

  • CB Reptiles.com has an onsite staff biologist who oversees their breeding programs.
  • Their website has a ridiculous number of leopard gecko care sheets that span a wide range of topics.
  • They only sell leopard gecko morphs that are of the highest quality. They go by the philosophy that anything less than a top-quality morph should not be bred.

BHB Reptiles

BHB’s Reptiles’ slogan is “Covering the Spectrum.” Owner Brian Barczyk states the slogan reflects how they built their private collection. They have one of the largest collections of leopard geckos in the United States. The diversity of their collections allows them to offer very competitive prices.

Breeder profile and credibility:

  • BHB Reptiles has been in business since 1989.

Consumer support and protection:

  • Their site has a comprehensive leopard gecko care sheet.
  • Call BHB Reptiles for any ordering questions you may have or any concerns about the order you received.
  • I had difficulty finding ordering and shipping information. The reason why is that they have this information under the section F&Qs. Here is some information regarding this:
    • When placing an order, you can use the shopping cart, call them directly, or send an email.
    • BHB Reptile will not ship out your order until they have contacted you to verify your shipping information.
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed if you call within 48 hours of receiving your order.
    • Posted prices are based on the market value at the time of the posting. If you can find a lower price, BHB Reptiles encourages you to call them. They are willing to discuss this with you.
    • Payment plans are available.
  • Due to the high increases in FedEx shipments’ volume, BHB Reptiles announced that they will not ship animals until they feel safe to do so. This new policy began in January 2021.

Going the extra mile:

BHB Reptile’s website offers a complete inventory of leopard geckos and other reptiles. With one click, you can find out how many of a particular morph or species are available, their gender when they were hatched, and what they are currently feeding on. If you call BHB Reptiles, they will send you additional photographs of the animal you are interested in. If you cannot find the animal you are looking for, they encourage you to contact them.

Blackwater Reptiles.com

Blackwater Reptiles.com takes pride in providing its customers with the highest quality live reptiles at the lowest online prices. They are passionate about reptiles and believe that captive breeding is essential to the future of the reptile market and in preserving wild populations.

Breeder profile and credibility:

  • The owner, Sam, has had an extensive background in breeding leopard geckos, chameleons, and other reptile species.
  • The owner formerly was a financial modeler at Apple computers, where he created predictive forecasts for Apple’s online organization. His love for reptiles began as a kid, and he kept and bred reptiles throughout his life. After 11 years, Sam quit his job at Apple to start Blackwater Reptiles. com.
  • Blackwater Repitles.com has a 3,000 square feet breeding facility.
  • Blackwater Reptiles.com is a member and contributor to the International Reptile Conservation Foundation and is a Gold member of USARK. The owner is also a member of the Policy Advisory Panel of USARK.

Consumer support and protection:

  • Blackwater Reptiles.com has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (this is the first breeder I have found to even be listed with the BBB).
  • Blackwater Reptiles.com is a leader in the industry when it comes to customer service response time.
  • Blackwater Reptiles.com offers both a live on arrival and a 7-day guarantee. See their website for details.
  • The website for Blackwater Reptiles.com is 100% verified and secure. It is equipped with state-of-the-art SSL encrypting technology, malware protection, and anti-virus. You can make payments and browse the site with confidence.
  • All animals are shipped overnight delivery to your residence for a flat shipping fee of $44.99. This fee amount remains the same regardless of how many animals you order.
  • Feeder insects are shipped overnight UPS or 2-3 day priority UPS. See website for details.
  • All live animals (feeders not included) require a signature upon delivery. If you know that you will not be available, you can request to have your order to be held at your local FedEx, UPS, or USPS facility.See their website for details regarding shipping policies.
  • If the reptile species you want is sold out, which can happen before the website is updated, Blackwater Reptiles.com will notify you.
  • Blackwater Reptiles.com will notify you if there are any delays in shipping due to inclement weather.
  • Orders can be canceled before shipment only. After shipment, cancelations or refunds are not allowed. Blackwater Reptiles.com will work with you to find some remedy for your situation.

Going the extra mile

Blackwater Reptiles.com will plant one native tree on Madagascar for each and every order placed.

Leopard Gecko.com

The original owners of LeopardGecko.com were Ron and Helene Tremper. They have 41 years of experience breeding a wide range of bloodlines. After years of successfully breeding leopard geckos, the Trempers decided to retire. The Trempers chose Julie Bergman to takes over as the new owner of Leopard Gecko.com. Bergman has over 30 years of experience breeding geckos. Also, she has the top animals from all of the Tremper’s morphs, projects, and bloodlines. The Trempers will continue to be involved with Leopard Gecko. com. Bergman continues to run her previous business, Gecko Ranch. However, all of the geckos from Leopard Gecko.com are from the Tremper collection.

Breeder profile and credibility:

  • Between the current and previous owner, Leopard Gecko.com has 72 years of experience breeding leopards and other species of geckos.

Consumer support and protection:

  • Care sheets are available, as is a Smartphone app that offers step-by-step care instructions.
  • Their website also has a caging section, which contains detailed instructions on how Leopard Gecko.com houses their geckos.
  • Geckos are shipped by FedEx Overnight.
  • Live arrival and 100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed is the long-standing policy of Leopard Gecko.com.

Going the extra mile:

  • Leopard Gecko. com has a Smartphone app that offers detailed step-by-step instructions for leopard gecko husbandry. The app is available at the iTunes Store and Android Mart.

Gecko Etc. Herpetoculture

A family-operated business, Geckos Etc. Herpetocultrue is based in Sacramento, California. What began as a hobby turned into an international breeder. The owner’s love for leopard geckos is what started the company, and leopard geckos sustain the company today. Besides leopard geckos, Gecko Etc. Herpetoculture also breeds knob-tailed and fat-tailed geckos, blue-tongued skins, and a variety of snakes. Their mission is to breed top-notched reptiles for novice and seasoned reptile keepers alike.

Breeder profile and credibility:

  • Geckos Etc. Herpetocultures’ owner Steven Sykes studied ecology and zoology at Rutgers University.
  • Sykes worked as an environmental consultant for the protection of endangered species.
  • Sykes attended graduate school at UC Santa Barbara.
  • Sykes has been breeding for the best bloodlines since 1996.

Consumer support and protection:

  • Comprehensive care sheets for leopard geckos available on the site, as are health care guides.
  • Orders can be made on the website, by email, or by telephone.
  • Payment plans are available.
  • Wholesale orders accepted.
  • Animals are shipped UPS Next Day Air, but they are willing to ship by alternative methods upon request.
  • Guarantees available include live on arrival, health, genetics, and satisfaction.

Going the extra mile:

  • Sykes’s focus has always been on creating healthy, high-quality animals while also preserving bloodlines and genetic diversity.


Located in Idaho, Geckoboa specializes in breeding leopard geckos with an emphasis on genetic purity and developing honest customer relations.

Breeder profile and credibility:

  • Geckoboa.com’s owner, John, has kept over 80 species of reptiles. He later focused on the caring and breeding of leopard geckos.
  • John has worked with biologist throughout the world by providing DNA sampling and distribution ranged data to understand the different strains of the genus Eublepharis (leopard gecko)
  • Geckoboa. com was nominated 2013 gecko breeder of the year.

Consumer support and protection:

  • Guarantees on health, temperament, and sex.
  • Their site has very detailed leopard gecko care sheets that include feeding, nutrition, and problem eaters.
  • The site also contains videos and interviews from Gecko Nation Radio.
  • All shipments are made through FedEx. See their website for details. Their shipping information is very comprehensive and includes information on finding your local FedEx hub and what to do when you receive your pet.

Going the extra mile:

  • The website offers a calendar so that you can get detailed information on when Geckoboa ships.

Gecko Daddy

Founded in 2007, Gecko Daddy was born from a childhood love for geckos. Three brothers, Brian, Kevin, and Chris Hansbrow, decided to rekindle their childhood memories by breeding geckos as a business. These three dads offer only the best geckos and at great prices. Gecko Daddy is based in Utah.

Breeder profile and credibility:

Gecko Daddy has various breeding projects that involve a variety of species, including leopard geckos. Leopard gecko morphs include:

  • Halloween Masks
  • Bolds
  • Tangerines and Sunglows
  • Sunglows
  • Patternless and Blizzards
  • LV Albino
  • Patternless
  • Super Snow

Consumer support and protection:

  • Gecko Daddy guarantees that your leopard gecko will be healthy and feeding well when the purchase is made. They also guarantee that your gecko’s appearance will match that of the site’s photograph as well as any other information provided online.

Going the extra mile:

  • Gecko Daddy sells gecko pairs that are proven breeders for those who want to start breeding their own geckos.

Now Your Work Begins!

The information you have just read was a kick start to get you going with your own research. You must do your own research. This article cannot cover all breeders, nor does it address your own specific wants or needs. The following are guidelines for selecting a reputable breeder:

Read testimonials and reviews

Read testimonials and reviews from other customers. It is important to consider that some testimonials and reviews may be fabricated or written by paid writers. Also, every review site will have comments from those who can never be made happy. For this reason, read a range of testimonials and reviews and get an overall feeling of what is written.

Besides breeder websites, also check out Facebook and sites like Morph Market. Also, try googling the owner’s name, business name, phone number, and email address. You may find important information about the breeder as to whether they are reputable or not.

Owner’s Personality

You can tell a lot about a person by how they communicate. Is the owner of the breeding facility there to do good, or are they out there to just make money? If you want to check out a private breeder, reach out to them. You can contact them through social media, email, text, or phone and see what happens. Most reputable breeders will get back to you within 24 hours. When you ask your questions, see how they respond. Do they seem sincere and provide satisfactory answers to your question, or do they give you a rushed answer? Reputable breeders will be friendly and take their time to answer your questions concisely and thoroughly.

Quality of Husbandry

Ask the breeder how they care for their animals. You may ask them if you can see photos of their enclosures or facility. Some reputable breeders may decline to do so, but how they respond may provide you with useful information.

Additionally, many breeders provide care sheets on their websites. Compare the care sheets of the breeder with those of other breeders. This will give you an idea if they are following best practices. Suppose the breeder makes claims that do not match up with other breeders or omit important information. In that case, that may be a reason for concern.


Another criterion to evaluate a breeder is their level of experience. The more experienced the breeder, the more likely it that your leopard gecko will be healthy and well adjusted. When checking the breeder website, look for the breeder’s background. One good place to look for this information is the About Us Page.


The leopard gecko is a great reptile pet. They are easy enough to keep for the beginner reptile keeper while offering a wide range of genetic diversity for experienced breeders. As with any animal, it is important that you first do your homework. To acquire any animal without knowing its needs or if you can meet those needs is unfair to the animal and will only create disappointments for you.

Start off by taking time to research the husbandry requirements of leopard geckos. Next, make sure that your enclosure is all set up and ready for them. When your enclosure is ready, do your research to locate a reputable breeder. Do your homework. It pays to take your time in selecting a breeder. You, as the consumer, have the upper hand as there is a lot of competition between breeders, and you have a wide range of breeders to select from. It may take time, but it will be worth it. You will set yourself up for a rewarding experience keeping this interesting gecko species!